Lifetime Subscription

Our lifetime subscription allows you to use our tool on 1 website forever without monthly or yearly recurring fees.

You are so close to greater compliance with ADA, Section 508, WCAG 2.1, and ATAG 2.0 requirements.

Most of our clients have our tool running on their website within 5-10 minutes after submitting the form below.

What’s Next?

After submitting the short form above:

  • Check your email
  • Pay your invoice

After your payment is received:

  • Check your email
  • Follow installation instructions

If you have any trouble installing our tool, please reach out to us right away.  We can send specific instructions for your website type and/or install our tool for you at no additional charge.

Our Web Accessibility Tool Features

Image depicting our website accessibility tool.

Things to note about the example tool shown above:

 The blue color at the top will be changed to any hex color of your choice to match your company’s brand, as well as the cirle icon.

Automatic Updates

  • Our tool is updating regularly to implement the latest changes in legislation without you needing to do a thing.

Seamless Integration

  • Our tools seamlessly integrates with all major website types without touching the website’s core code.

Keyboard Navigation

  • Methods to control the keyboard navigation function.

Read The Page

  • Methods to control the screen reader function.

Contrast +

  • Methods to control the contract of colors.

Highlight Links

  • Methods to control how links are highlighted.

Bigger Text

  • Methods to control the font size.

Text Spacing

  • Methods to control the space between individual characters of text.

Stop Animations

  • Method to turn animations on or off.

Legible Fonts

  • Method to toggle to a more legible font.


  • Methods to highlight cursor location.


  • Method to turn tooltips on and off.

Page Structure

  • Method to view headers, landmarks, and links.


  • Method to change the tools display location or hide it completely.
Need To Know Information Regarding Web Accessibility

Installing our tool on your website is the first step towards making your website fully compliant with web accessibility standards.

Court case after court case has proven that simply making an effort to make your website more accessible is often enough to avoid criminal charges or monetary loss.

The technology used by our tool is currently implemented on well over 100,000 websites around the world.  That adds up to 10’s of millions of web pages!

Our tool is continuously upgraded without your need to do a thing once it is installed.

If your website was built using one of the most common CMS (content management systems) our tool will be installed on your site within 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year once your payment is received and you grant us temporary access to your website’s front or back end depending if you’d like us to aid in installation.

Web Accessibility Tool Pricing

You have options.  You can still choose to use our tool on the monthly or yearly subscription if you would like.

If you start off on a monthly or yearly subscription, you can always upgrade.  You would pay the prorated difference if upgrading from monthly to yearly.  We would offer you a discounted rate to upgrade from monthly to lifetime based on your history with us.



(most popular)



(save over 16% compared to monthly)

1-Time Fee


(best value)

Contact us if you have multiple websites for bulk pricing.  Savings begin with as few as 2 websites.