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Web Accessibility Videos by Optimized

We are continuing to build out video content to shed light on the subject of website accessibility.  We currently have our demo of how the Optimized Website Accessibility Tool addresses some of the most common issues websites face when it comes to being accessible to people with various disabilities.

Informative Web Accessibility Videos

While performing our research developing our web accessibility tool we found numerous informative videos regarding the topic of web accessibility.

The videos below were uploaded to YouTube using the Creative Commons license which gives permission for others to re-use their video content.  We inserted an intro and outro to each video, but the content itself was untouched.

We credited each video source by citing the name of the person or business who uploaded the video, linked to their website (or to a website found in the original video’s description if they did not have a website link), and also provided a link to make watching the orginial video on YouTube quick and easy.

Our hopes is by us sharing their videos more people will find out about their organizations and contributions to making the web more accessible for all.

An Overview of Accessibility Insights Auditing Tool

Accessibility Insights
Video Credit: AccessibilityInsights.io
Watch Original Video: YouTube.com


Accessibility Insights Auditing Tool Demo

Accessibility Insights
Video Credit: AccessibilityInsights.io
Watch Original Video: YouTube.com

Businesses Need To Address Web Accessibility

The Chang School of Continuing Education
Video Credit: ChangSchool
Watch Original Video: YouTube.com

Alt Tags - The Most Common Web Accessibility Mistake

Thomas Bradley
Video Credit: Thomas Bradley
Watch Original Video: YouTube.com

Web Accessibility - A Global Concern

Claudia Loitsch
Video Credit: Claudia Loitsch
Watch Original Video: YouTube.com

Color Contrast - A Major Web Accessibility Issue

W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)
Video Credit: World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
Watch Original Video: YouTube.com

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A man and a women both in a wheelchair using technology.